In a bid to fight the mindset against paying for live performance, we’ve launched a campaign called #PayForTheArts. Every #PayForTheArts performance is free, but we have dropboxes all over the venue to encourage people to support the artists they’ve come to see. In live music especially, the free gig and guestlist culture creates a chain of impact that primarily affects the artists. We want people to start taking more consideration on a gig-by-gig basis and asking themselves: if I like this artist’s work so much why wouldn’t I support it? If you can help talented local bands as much as you do those who bring your favourite artist to your town or city, why wouldn’t you want to? It’s in everyone’s interest. Except this time, we leave the choice in your hands.

Our kick-off took place on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013, with indie-rock act Parvaaz. We received primarily positive responses from those that attended, some guests paid thrice as much as they would have if we’d charged an entry fee.

However, we’re a long way from changing attitudes. We have a featured #PayfortheArts gig every month, but we’ll be taking this initiative to a whole new level this year. So watch this space, and until then, come by and see how you feel why don’t you?