CounterCulture Properties

An Ode to The Blues

What we did: Developed Bangalore’s only Blues festival, now in its fifth year running.

Why: Consolidate Bangalore’s Blues base, showcase our own programming expertise.



What we did: Launched a thought-leadership campaign encouraging audiences to pay for live content.

Why: Establish our belief system in the live music industry, take the idea of ‘free entry’ head-on.


Time Capsule

What we did: A holistic tribute festival- tribute music, food & drinks, an all-round trip down memory lane.

Why: Cater to the huge demand for ‘cover bands’ & familiar music, but in our own way.


Indie March

What we did: Dedicated a month to program young, Indian, indie talent, in association with Levi’s.

Why: Support upcoming talent & contribute directly to the current music scene in urban India.


Metal Factory

What we did: Host a monthly showcase of metal bands in the ‘dead hours’ of 3-6 PM on Sunday evenings.

Why: Create a sustainable property for Sunday evenings, not considered a traditional ‘gig night’.