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About CounterCulture

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CounterCulture began keeping in mind the global potential of Live Entertainment and the dearth of options of the same in India at that time and chose the route to be a live music venue and a restaurant in Bangalore in 2010. After successfully running one of the top venues in India, which we believe reached an iconic status, exited the restaurant/music venue business in mid-2015 to focus purely on its music business.


Having hosted over 1000+ concerts, reached out to over 4,00,000 “concert heads” and dealt with 100+ brands, now in its sixth year, CounterCulture creates concepts, consults festivals and venues with primary aim that consumers need to have a phenomenal experience. CounterCulture has been at the helm of gigs that have made Bangalore History, varying from an evening of Smooth Jazz with John McLaughlin to a headbanger’s night of debauchery with Megadeth. Our Flagship event, Indie March saw a crowd of 10,000 concert-goers flock to 5 different stages to watch over 30 different artistes. The CounterCulture team brings a variety of skill-sets to the table; in artistic depth, communication strategy, culinary expertise or just simply out-of-the-box thinking.

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The Story of our Logo


A logo represents the landscape of an entity, and in our case the most prominent feature of that landscape has been the factory in which we live. In all its forms so far, the CounterCulture logo has been a reflection of that space. As we enter our fourth year, we decided to revisit the factory through a more evolved lens. Employing minimalistic impressions of the building, we sought to showcase the various aspects of CounterCulture through a series of panels. What we still needed was something to tie it all up, and a review of our journey revealed that coherent element to be sound waves. In the last three years, the factory walls have been witness to such a broad spectrum of soundscapes that it felt only natural that sound form the shape of our brand new logo. The logo as you see it thus is inspired in turns by the factory that defines us and the sound wave created by the word ‘CounterCulture’.